On-Demand ONLY

 NEW On Demand Packages as low as $25 a month!

Why On-Demand Online Training? It fits your busy and crazy lifestyle. You can work out anywhere, anytime, and at a schedule that works for you. Whether you are working out at the gym, office fitness center, on the go, on vaca, or at home; you will have everything at your fingertips for a great burn! All ranging from 10 min to 35min.

The On-Demand package is great if you are wanting to test the waters of my workouts, meditations, or classes before upgrading to a coaching package. It is great if you are not wanting my Online Personalize Training coaching package with customized scheduled workouts, or Habit + Mindset coaching package, Wellness or Nutrition Coaching package but would like to have access to the App and On-Demand library, even the monthly recipes when you choose the upgraded On-Demand package.

If you are a current client who is needing to take some time off or maintain but would like to still have the ability to access the Wellness app, recipes, classes, meditations, and some go at your own pace workouts without the coaching; this is the package for you.

You get structured go at your own pace workout programs or classes in the On-Demand library to choose from that can you pre-schedule in the app at your own pace. PLUS you get the community of like-minded individuals going through their own journey for extra accountability and motivation.

The On-Demand ONLY Packages will help you get started on your fitness journey transforming you inside and out to a better version of yourself and help accomplish your goals.

*NEW Classes and Go at Your Own Pace Workouts are added monthly.


What do you get for the On-Demand ONLY Package?

Your one-stop-shop app. You will be able to enjoy the great things the Wellness app offers with customized mobile app synchronization with MyFitnessPal, I-Watch, & FitBit. Private Group Chat to help with accountability to push you to reach your goals with a fantastic community to keep you motivated. Get progress reports & Awards within the app tracking your PRs, workout progress, measurements, weight, and more.

View your dashboard to track your calorie & macro breakdown goal daily. Food Tracking synchronization with MyFitness Pal, FitBit, or with the meal photo. Schedule your workouts to plan your day or week to hold yourself accountable. View your monthly recipe pack +meal plan in the upgraded package.

On-Demand library that has a go at your own pace strength or HIIT workouts, classes that include Yoga, Meditations, Stretching/Mindful Stretching, Strength, Cardio HIIT, Beginners, Pilates, and Much More. ALL ranging from 3-35 mins. View on any device and on the go.

Basic On-Demand ONLY


  • On Demand library that has a go at your own pace strength or HIIT workouts, classes that include Yoga, Stretching/Mindful Stretching, strength, cardio HIIT, beginners, pilates, and much more. Ranging from 10-35 min
  • On Demand Mediations from 3-10 min
  • Customized Mobile App with Synchronization with MyFitness Pal, IWatch, & FitBit
  • Daily Food Tracking & synchronization with MyFitness Pal, FitBit, or with the meal photo.  
  • Private Group Chat to help with accountability to push you to reach your goals and a fantastic community to keep you motivated. 
  • Progress reporting & Awards within app tracking your PRs, workout progress, measurements, weight, and more.
  • Access to FREE Monthly challenges that come up.
  • Calorie & Macro Breakdown Goal

On-Demand ONLY + Recipe Pack


  • PLUS Monthly Recipe Pack, Meal Plan, and shopping list.
  • Get your Nutritional Goals, Heart Rate Zone, BMR, & BMI
  • Access to FREE Monthly challenges that come up AND discounted pricing on my 6 wk programs, signature programs, or Holiday challenges.

Have questions about my Wellness app or the On-Demand package? Message me or book a FREE 15 min Discovery Call below to get the answers to all your questions or concerns.

Angela K

When Erin says she’s available to help at all hours, she is. The program helps one focus on each day and each better health habit at a time to be integrated as part of your life. Excellent for those in quarantine, those who work at home and people who keep odd hours. The group chat lets other encourage you and you, them. Erin’s program helped me say good bye to all the Corona weight.

Jan C

Woo hoo!! I did it!! I met my short-term weight goal during the 6-Week Spring Challenge. I feel great. Thanks, Erin, for helping me set and achieve my short-term health goals. Your Wellness Program offers me the tools and encouragement I need to build strength and flexibility while striving for long-term success …. all while creating sustainable habits.

Rebecca B

I haven’t felt this good in…well I don’t know when! Erin has challenged me in a way that fits my busy lifestyle. Before working with Erin, I lacked motivation in the exercise department but now, I can’t imagine a day without a workout! She gives me workouts that are challenging but yet totally doable. I have been able to push myself and get stronger than I ever thought possible! I also love the extra meal plans which are the perfect complement to what my family needs in our mission to be healthier.

D Stephans

I am enjoying Erin’s training for so many reasons!! She is helping me get stronger & leaner, while being mindful & present. I love the way she schedules my workouts, meditation (I am fairly new to it & now look forward to it everyday), stretching & awesome recipes. The app is very easy to use. She also gives awesome tips for exercise modifications & grocery shopping. I am super happy with my results just over 3 weeks!! I can’t say enough how happy I am to be on this journey with an amazing coach & a great group of fellow goal crushers, cheering each other on everyday!!

J Taylor

Erin, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me. I have become a healthier person because of it. I truly appreciate how you were there for me when things got tough and you walked me thru them.

B Morgan

Erin works with care with me as an individual and tailors my workouts to meet my needs. She also recommends modifications on specific exercises. She is very attentive to proper form. Erin is also very knowledgeable on nutrition questions. She is truly a blessing for anyone interested in getting into shape and feeling healthy and strong!

Betty M

I am a 77-year-old female who about a year ago realized that I was out of shape, had flabby arms and an increased waistline and abdomen. I could not get off the floor without pulling myself up with a chair or sofa!  I had tried losing weight several times and even gotten my weight down, but felt that I needed exercise at my age.  Erin Wheless started working with me to help me build up my strength in my arms and legs.  Over the course of the past year, she has slowly helped me build my strength so that now I can get off the floor by myself, my arms have become more toned, my legs are stronger and my waistline has slimmed down.  She has slowly changed my life with exercises that I can now do on line instead of going to the fitness center.  She has a calming demeanor when I’m hard on myself yet has a way of encouraging me that makes me want to achieve more.   Thank you Erin for helping me feel good and look better than I ever dreamed I would at my age!  

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