“A Healthy Outside starts with a Healthy Inside” ~Robert Urich

I believe in coaching the body and the mind improving your Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Quality of Life. I thrive on helping and motivating others to reach their goals and bring out the best through coaching, motivation, and training in a healthier lifestyle improving your quality of life, along with obtaining a stronger body and mind. I want to help you be the best version of yourself. Everyone is different and everyone deserves the best quality of life. 

Wellness & Online Training

Wellness Coaching & Online Training

This program is not a cookie cutting diet plan or a macro plan as everyone’s body is different. This coaching plan is for anyone looking for personalized online fitness training and being coached or guided on what good nutrition looks like to optimize your health and performance while transforming you from the inside-out body, mind, and soul.

Why Online Training And Coaching?  The perfect harmony of reaching your optimal health and fitness goals fast is through specific coaching and guidance training your body and mind. This will help transform your body, peace of mind, and help you gain a fulfilled and happier life into a better version of YOU. 

Online Training also lets you work out anywhere, anytime, and at a schedule that works for you. No more missed classes, missed personal training appointments or trying to race to the gym. You get the benefits of a professional fitness trainer with a structured, customized workout program designed each week and the accountability to push you to reach your goals, a customized mobile app to use anywhere, ongoing support from a coach, and cost-effective.

*Looking to transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle? Vegan or Vegetarian needing a nutrition coach? I can HELP! I specialize in Plant-based nutrition coaching as a Vegan myself.


Click Apply Now to fill out an application form TODAY! I offer a variety of services, so this helps me gauge which program is the best fit for you and help me get to know you better and your needs/goals. After you have applied below, you will be directed to book your FREE 30-minute consultation call to see what you are looking for, how I can help you, and if you are a good fit for my Online programs. We will discuss your limitations, setbacks, personal blocks, goals and needs, and daily life schedules.

The first and most important step is setting goals to know what direction you are going and have a plan of action. Based on what program you choose, I will then create a strategic and customized plan to transform you into a better version of YOU from the inside out. It will take some commitment on your part, but in the end, it will be worth the hard work you put in. I will not change your entire life, diet, or routine, but we will be making small tweaks, additions, or removals each week. This helps make the transition easier and helps you reach your goals into a healthier, better version of YOU. I will help you achieve the optimal level in your health-nutrition-fitness goals, educate and guide you, keep your motivation, and provide you with accountability and support. I am a firm believer that knowledge is a key driver to long term sustained success.

I have the tools you need to help create this healthier and fulfilled lifestyle for yourself. I will be here as your guide, your wellness concierge, and personal coach every step of keeping you motivated and accountable to achieve that optimal life of health and happiness that you DESERVE! You will have your private mobile gym at the tip of your fingers to pull up your customized tailor workouts each week and see your progress, stats, goals, or habits that fit within your schedule. I custom design each workout based on your unique fitness needs and modifications. I will hold you accountable for these workouts as I can view your progress and any revision that might need to be made. You can perform the workouts at any time at your convenience in your home, work, or traveling. I’ve got your back and ensure you’ve got the exact tools you need to stay on top of your goals. Depending on which program you choose, you will get nutrition and macro goals monthly, a customized healthy meal plan or recipe booklet designed just for you, and recommendations for healthy eating on-the-go options during those busy weeks. You will get weekly check-ins, 24/7 messaging to me through the fitness app, and a 30-minute coaching call. We will go over your week on any challenges or frustrations you may have faced that week, set your goals, talk about exercise technique, nutrition, and figure out ways to get past your limitations or roadblocks. I am not just your trainer or your coach, but your biggest cheerleader and supporter to help throughout your physical, mental, and spiritual journey. I BELIEVE in you and am rooting for you!

Your vision or goals is how we see the big picture and will be our ultimate plan, which always serves to motivate us. Our visions or even manifesting helps motivate us because they are our ultimate desires or inner picture of how we would like to see our lives play out. If you don’t start with a vision or goal, it will become hard to stay motivated to overcome setbacks and obstacles as you begin to make lifestyle changes. Start working towards your VISION and GOALS TODAY!

Erin has a calming demeanor when I’m hard on myself yet has a way of encouraging me that makes me want to achieve more.  Thank you Erin for helping me feel good and look better than I ever dreamed I would at my age!

Betty M

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