6 Week Healthy through the Holidays


It starts Oct. 30th thru December 11th


& ENDS SUNDAY 12/11!

*Limited Spots Available!

Does the thought of the Holidays get you stressed out? Do you get overwhelmed this time of the year? Do you typically get the Holiday blues or feeling of blah when November comes around? AND let’s don’t even talk about healthy eating and staying active, right?

If you are already feeling frustrated or unhappy about your Wellness goals and the thought of gaining during the Holiday makes you cringe, then look no further. I have you covered!

One of the biggest challenges we all face around this time of year is eating healthy, staying fit, and not feeling stressed, down, or overwhelmed. Many women in the same position as you need the coaching, support, motivation, and accountability, especially during this time of the year, to get their LIFE back on track and FINALLY be able to live a Healthy, Happy, and Vibrant life.

The Holidays, especially from Thanksgiving to Christmas, can be a busy time of the year, adding more to your already busy schedule and increasing it a little more than usual. That doesn’t mean you have to kick your mental health, your health, peace of mind, and waistline goodbye.

This 6-week program will not have long and hard workouts scheduled like my programs in the past, but lighter and shorter workouts ranging from 5-20min (because who has the time during the Holidays) if you choose to do them during the course. PLUS, you will get access to my wellness app, healthy habit + mindset coaching, 3 months of recipe packs, and a Holiday Online Course Survival Guide. 

I’m going to show you how to stay sane, reduce stress and not feel overwhelmed, improve your sleep, stay healthy with deliciously healthy recipes and get guidance on eating healthy through the Holiday, work on your healthy lifestyle and habits, get quick short workouts, and focusing on emotional well-being through the holidays

DON’T WAIT until January to take charge of your health and well-being; take control NOW when it matters the MOST! Why not work on YOU and getting Healthy During the Holidays? Let’s work on transforming YOU into living a better version of YOU.

You are so busy worrying and taking care of everyone else in your life. Make YOURSELF a PRIORITY and take care of YOURSELF NOW!


Typically priced at $46 per week, but for this HOLIDAY SPECIAL, you can get all of this for the LOW price of less than $24 per week at $149.95!



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Healthy Through the Holidays

You Need to Take Action NOW to Start Building the Habits that WILL help transform your body and peace of mind and help you gain a fulfilled and happier life. But sometimes, just getting started or staying motivated is the hardest part.

No Matter How Busy You Are or How Many Times You’ve Failed in the Past! 

You don’t have to keep feeling frustrated or unhappy about how you look or feel. Let me help you transform from the inside out, becoming the best version of YOU!

Monthly Recipe Packs

For November & December, you will get Healthy Holiday recipes and 15 recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert each month. You will also find a weekly meal plan guide and a grocery list guide to help keep you organized when you are meal planning and prepping for the week. The recipes are delicious, balanced, and will fuel your body correctly. You will also find a barcode to scan that instantly adds your meal to your MyFitnessPal if you track your meals. How cool.

Scheduled Daily Workouts

You will have lighter and shorter workouts from cardio, strength training, yoga, mediations, and mindful stretching. (because who has the time during the Holidays). Get up to 5-20min step-by-step exercise plans with guided instructions, pictures, and videos or classes to get you started on your fitness journey. You will find your workouts in your daily ToDo or on your calendar to view ahead of time. You can move any exercise to another day if your schedule gets busy. Plus access to the On-Demand workout library.

Custom App and Dashboard

Your one-stop-shop app. You will be able to download the app to view your workouts, TO DO’s, get calorie and macro breakdown goals, PRs or stats, goal planning, meal packs and meal plan, habit/mindset, nutrition goals, or group chat. PLUS you get the on-demand library in case you want to add any additional workouts or have a favorite you like to do again. You can even sync the app with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, or IWatch. You will also be able to have 24/7 messaging to chat with me within the app for FREE.

Consultation & Coaching Calls

You will also get to schedule a 30 min consultation call session. This time, we will talk about your goals, questions about the app, and any programs’ questions. You will also get an additional 30 min coaching session halfway through the program to see how you are doing and feeling and any modifications we need to make.

Daily TODOs & Habit Coaching

You will be able to check your TO DOs daily and any custom habits I have created for you based on your specific health, wellness, or fitness needs. You will get Accountable & Motivational Habit Based Coaching to enhance your mental mindset shift towards mindful living.

Private Group Chat

Be a part of a great community with like-minded others going through the same 6-week program. This private group chat is a fantastic connection to help motivate each other, celebrate each other goals and wins, support each other, and share healthy recipes.

Sneak Peak


You will get not only access to my Wellness app but also an Online Healthy thru the Holidays Survival Guide Mini-Course program to view at your own pace along with the following at a bargain price:

  • 60 min consultation and goal-setting call
  • Halfway 30 min Coaching & goal setting calls
  • 15 min Coaching call after the program
  • Lighter and shorter workouts pre-scheduled (because who has the time during the Holidays), including 10-20 min cardio, 5-20 min strength training, 5-20 min yoga, 3 to 10 min mediations, and 5-20 min mindful stretching. (if you choose to do)
  • 6-week Survival Guide Mini Online Course to help get you armed to survive the Holidays the HEALTHY way, help reduce stress, get organized, and have healthy holiday recipes, including main courses, side dishes, desserts, smoothies, and holiday drinks.
  • Get a 30-page high-protein breakfast ebook that includes recipes tasty recipes.
  • Monthly Recipe Packs with recipes and a meal plan guide for November & December.
  • Custom Calorie & Macro Breakdown Goals to help guide you.
  • Heart Rate Zone calculations, BMI & BMR breakdown, help you know where you are and where you need to be.
  • Habit, Lifestyle, & Mindset-Based Coaching
  • Access to my online training app that syncs with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, & IWatch
  • Access to private group chat
  • Get Motivational & Educational emails
  • 24/7 messaging within the app for FREE. YES, that’s correct.

So when Christmas comes, you can FINALLY enjoy the Holiday without the stress, guilt, or worries about buckling down come January on your Health. Let’s work on transforming into Living a Better Version of YOU and Finally have FUN during the Holidays!

You will get all the support, motivation, and encouragement you need to develop healthy habits lasting a lifetime, one day at a time. You’ll have my support and guidance every step of the way… PLUS, you can invite your friends and co-workers to join us for even more fun and support!

You Need to Take Action NOW to Start Building the Habits that WILL help transform your body and peace of mind and help you gain a fulfilled and happier life. But sometimes, just getting started or staying motivated is the hardest part.

Let’s work as a TEAM to JUMPSTART your Wellness journey to optimal physical and mental health so we can come out of this STRONGER & HEALTHIER Feeling Your Best.

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