7 Day FREE Trial

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I am offering a 7-Day Free Trial of my Holistic Wellness Package to see if you prefer the starter package, deluxe, or premier 360 Holistic Coaching Package-NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

You will be able to enjoy trying out my Wellness app to get a look and feel throughout the app, sync your devices to work with the app to track your meal and stats, get some daily 10-40 minute effective workouts that can be done right in comfort or your own home or gym, have some habits + mindset todos to work on, book a 30min consultation call, get your calorie & macro breakdown goal, wellness + life coaching, get a FREE recipe pack for that month, you will be able to get all the support, motivation, & accountability, AND 24/7 messaging in the app.

YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT! I will coach and guide you the entire way, teaching you a holistic approach with health, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, healthy habits, and mindset wrapped in an excellent package. All of these elements work in perfect harmony. I believe in coaching the body and the mind from the inside out to help you to become a Better Version of YOU and make the transformation you desire.

What do you get for the 7 Days?

Your one-stop-shop app. You will be able to test drive to see all the great things the wellness app offers, get 24/7 messaging within the app, and a recipe pack for FREE.

View your dashboard for your ToDo’s for the day, track your food intake, stats, habit + nutrition coaching, step by step 30-40 min daily workout with guided instructions, pictures, and videos to get you started on your fitness journey.

You will also get to schedule a 30 min consultation call session. This time we will talk about your goals, questions about the app, and any questions about the programs.

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