Hello Dry January

Happy NEW YEAR and Hello “Dry” January! As 2022 has approached, we all are shifting our focus on our yearly goals.

Within the last few years, “Dry” January and Mocktails have become more popular as of one new year resolutions to abstain from alcohol use for a month in hopes to reset and lose weight.

Non-alcoholic wine, non-alcoholic liquors, and “Mocktails” are gaining speed in popularity online and in bars. These drinks are as complex and fancy that would impress any mixologist. Some popular non-alcoholic beverages have adaptogens to calm you instead of the hangover after effect. You will also find herbs and superfoods in some drinks besides the sugary mocktails we had as a kid. It is an excellent way for people who don’t drink or are doing 30 days without still wanting to entertain or being social without the awkward feeling of not drinking or ordering a drink with friends.

Why should you give “Dry” January a try?

During 2020, a majority of us drank a little more than we usually do 🙋🏼‍♀️ and picked up an unhealthy habit. As a result, alcohol consumption was up during 2020 and in 2021.

Did you know that an estimated 1-year increase in alcohol consumption during and through the pandemic can result in 8,000 additional deaths from alcohol-related liver disease, 18,700 cases of liver failure, and 1,000 cases of liver cancer by 2040 (1)

Going at least 30-Day without any alcohol helps reset your body by healing your liver, may lower triglycerides levels, may lower blood pressure, help improve sleep, helping clear your focus, clearing up your skin, help aid in weight loss, and may help reduce anxiety or depression. (2) (Make sure if you have a drinking problem to consult your physician before doing anything)

Here are some helpful tips on doing a “Dry’ January or “Sober” October:

  1. Plan. Look up your local bars and resturants where you hang out with friends and see if they have any Mocktails or non-alcoholic drinks. You will be surprised that even some of the higher end and fancy places have more than you think. Look online for some recipes that you can make at home or when hosting a get together. I have a few in my MOCKTAILS blog you can view. Also search online and in stores for some non-alcoholic wine, beer, liquors, and pre-made cockatils. I have tried a few, some are okay and some very good. I keep a variety pack on hand of Curious Exlixirs for nights I don’t drink and wanting a little something. #shakennotslurred
  2. Eliminate. Make sure to put away any tempations that might be staring you down in your house. This way you are not easily tempted to drink. If you are going to a party, bring your own non-alcoholic drink or mix a pitcher of a Mocktail to share.
  3. Support. Make sure to let your friends and family know what you are doing ahead of time so they can be supportive and help hold you accountable. You can also get a friend to join you to be your sober buddy to help keep each other motivatied and it is also fun to have someone doing it with you.
  4. Stay Busy. If your drinking was more of a social thing or of being bored, then try to stay active when you normally would drink is a nice distraction. Try picking up a hobbie, reading more, working out, or even cooking.
  5. Stress Relief. If your triggers come up and you are needing a drink due to stress or emotions then work on those emotions than masking them. Do you yoga, walk, practice meditation, have a dance party, or do something that makes you happy. Try not replacing one bad habit due to emotions with another one like emotional eating, etc.
  6. Keep Going. If you do have a drink and slip up, just like healthly eating; brush it off and don’t beat yourself up. Start right back the next day and put that foot in front of the other and KEEP GOING!

So no matter if you do a “Dry” January, “Sober” October, or take a week off….. your body and mind will thank you, but your taste buds will still be active and happy with many of the non-alcoholic recipes or pre-made that are out there these days.

I am participating this month in “Dry” January just like I did in “Sober” October, so join me if you want and even tag me on Instagram @erinwhelesswellness if you have any new finds or recipes during your “Dry” January. Cheers.

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I am a passionate Health and Wellness Professional who thrives on helping and motivating others into a healthier way of life, improving their quality of life being in a more Zen state of mind, along with helping them obtain a stronger body, mind, and soul through a holistic approach with health, nutrition, habits, mindset, and fitness wrapped all in one excellent package. All of these elements work in perfect harmony. I believe in coaching the body and the mind from the inside out. I want to help them be the best version of themselves and want to help make a difference one small step at a time. Erin Wheless Wellness programs and coaching services are accessible, weight-neutral, body-positive, age empowered, and all-inclusive. Healthy and Happy bodies come in different shapes and sizes.

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