Foam Rolling into Positive Benefits

The foam roller is one of the best recovery tools available today! If you know me, then you know I have every type of foam roller in my house, car, etc. I love foam rollers and use them in my weekly routine.

Why? Well, they’re affordable, easy to travel with, take to the gym, office, and can make a HUGE difference in your body in a short amount of time.

If you haven’t tried foam rolling before, you’re in for a “feels-so-good-when-it’s-done” treat!

While you’ll likely feel more flexible and “looser” after your very first session. You’ll notice even BETTER results by foam rolling on a regular basis.

What is foam rolling?

Foam rolling, also called self-myofascial release (SMR) is a form of self-massage.

It helps reduce muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation all while improving circulation & range of motion.

To foam roll, just roll your muscles (controlling the pressure) on a dense foam cylinder. You’ll gently move back and forth over any tight areas or sore spots

How does foam rolling work for recovery?

A network of connective tissues (fascia) surrounds and supports your muscles.

When part of that network becomes blocked – by either too little or too much activity – your fascia can become dehydrated. This can create a painful adhesion or knot (aka  “trigger point”).

Those knots can limit movement in the muscle as well as create painful chain reactions in other parts of the body.

Foam rolling can help break up these muscle adhesions, reduce pain, and improve movement!

When should you foam roll?

You can foam roll anytime. Before working out to get the blood flowing in the muscles, help prep your muscles, and improve performance. After working out as a post-workout recovery with stretching can help speed your recovery and reduce any post-workout soreness. AND on your days off or any time of the day. Setting aside a few minutes to use the foam roller outside of your exercise routine can help you focus on any stubborn spots. It is not just for working out, it is also great for days you are sitting a lot or on your feet.

Hurts so Good Positive Benefits of Foam Rolling

  • Reduce soreness and recover faster.
  • Improve your flexibility and range of motion.
  • Help improve pain.
  • Help relieve back pain.
  • Great for rehabilitation.
  • Temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Helps reduce stress and relax.
  • Improves flexibility without impairing strength.
  • Improves posture.

Types of Foam Rollers

Did you know foam rollers come in all shapes and sizes? From long to short, to smooth to textured or ridged, vibrating, sticks, and even balls. I use my long smooth roller to get more areas I am trying to get or to help aid in more of a deep stretch. The ridged trigger point roller I have is fantastic when I need to get deep into the tissue and knots in very tense areas. I have a few balls smooth, ridged and bumpy to work my feet, hands, shoulder blades/ upper back and to focus on trouble areas a roller can’t get to. And my stick is perfect on days I am trying to get to those sore quads, glutes, calves, or IT band.

If you are wondering what type of foam roller you should get and use or how to incorporate it into your weekly routine. I have a great Foam Rolling guide for you to download that is perfect for beginners and for users that have been dabbling into rolling.

The takeaway is adding foam rolling to your weekly routine can be a great recovery and relaxing part of your routine with great added benefits. Do note that foam rolling can be painful, especially in the beginning similar to a deep tissue massage but with staying consistent, foam rolling can start to feel good afterward. Your body will thank you later.

AND don’t forget to download your FREE Complete Beginners Guide to Foam Rolling. This guide has everything you need to know to become a foam rolling pro.

Do you foam roll? What are your takes since starting it in your routine?

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It’s not just about sets, reps, and distance-it’s about supporting your body before, during, and after your workouts. Making the time for recovery. And also during your everyday life!

I am all about finding healthy solutions that work with your lifestyle – especially those that keep you feeling motivated and feeling successful!

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