Set Intentions Not Resolutions

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Let’s set Intentions, Not Resolutions, for January 1st!

Happy New Year! As we approach 2023 in a few days, we are always so eager to focus on Resolutions and Goals for the New Year, right?

BUT have you thought about this year setting Intentions instead of those Resolutions that are usually lackluster in a few months?

Don’t get me wrong, setting those Resolutions are not bad, but they are usually filled with all-or-nothing and drastic approaches that usually only last til February or March, leaving you feeling defeated.

Did you know that, in fact, research shows that only 10% of people successfully stick to their New Year’s resolutions?

So this year, focus on your intentions for 2023. Make a list and write them down this weekend.


You hear before or after yoga practice to set an intention for the day, and yes, it can easily be thought of as a goal for the day.

Now, I know what you are thinking, what is the difference between a goal and intention? I thought they were the same thing a while back as well.

Setting an Intention focuses on the present and internal state of being, a feeling you want to achieve, and your relationship with yourself, setting more compassion with yourself. Like I want to feel happier, I want to feel heard at my company, I want to feel more at peace and not so anxious, I want to feel confident, or I want to Thrive and not just survive in my health. (1) (2)

Setting a Resolution can focus on the Negative, while intentions focus on the Positive. Like setting a Resolution I want to lose weight or be skinny, I want to make more money, etc. Setting Resolutions can end up focusing on what you lack, leading to issues within your mental health, but Intentions actually highlight what you have and a more positive aspect of thinking.

Unlike setting your resolution or goal, which can be accomplished sometime in the future, setting your intention is a state of being that can start the moment you decide to make it happen.

Other ways you can work on your intentions daily is also setting positive affirmations to say out loud to yourself or writing them down, or even practicing daily gratitude.

So how do you even start with setting your intention this weekend for the New Year? 

Think of those goals or resolutions you have been thinking of since October. 😉 Now, think of how you want to feel when you accomplish them. 

There you go; that is your Intention to set. Keep it somewhere you can view daily and make sure what you do or say each day aligns with those Intentions you are setting.

Remember, setting an intention is something you want to live by that you can carry with you throughout the year, which will help you reach those goals you want to set and have a feeling of enlightenment.  When you set an intention, you choose to live more mindfully and open to new outcomes.

And later, we will talk about those Habits & Mindsets to start working on at the beginning of 2023 instead of those drastic approaches and detoxes or cleanses that do not work on underly issues or set up structures for you not to fail and actually achieve your intentions and even goals for the year.

Let us know what your Intention is for 2023.

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I am a passionate Health and Wellness Professional who thrives on helping and motivating others into a healthier way of life, improving their quality of life being in a more Zen state of mind, along with helping them obtain a stronger body, mind, and soul through a holistic approach with health, nutrition, habits, mindset, and fitness wrapped all in one excellent package. All of these elements work in perfect harmony. I believe in coaching the body and the mind from the inside out. I want to help them be the best version of themselves and want to help make a difference one small step at a time. Erin Wheless Wellness programs and coaching services are accessible, weight-neutral, body-positive, age empowered, and all-inclusive. Healthy and Happy bodies come in different shapes and sizes.

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