Eating Healthy on a Budget

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I know it seems complicated to eat healthy when all the healthy options are so expensive and processed food is so cheap.

What if I told you that you could eat healthy on a budget that will save you time and money without sacrificing flavor?

Here are some helpful tips on being able to eat healthily without breaking the bank. 

  • Always plan your meals & prep for the week. Stick with those ingredients for those items on your grocery list
  • Choose cheaper protein sources like edamane, lentils, chickpeas, beans, eggs, quinoa, canned tuna or salmon, chicken thighs, tofu, or ground turkey.
  • Try eating meatless meals once or twice per week. 
  • Use frozen fruits & veggies. Eating produce out of season can be expensive. Frozen veggies and fruit taste fresher than canned and can help reduce food waste.
  • Stock up on low sodium versions of canned tomato sauce, diced or stewed tomatoes, beans, green beans, boxed broths, salsas, etc are great to throw in any meal and cheap.
  • Buy Whole Foods & produce when it’s in season. Produce is cheaper when you buy it in season; better yet, use a co-op with a local farmer on getting weekly boxes of fruits and veggies. Some have where you can purchase meats, cheeses, milk, and baked goods. You will find they are fresher as well.
  • SALES. Check for weekly or daily deals or use coupons.
  • Shop the outer section of the stores. Stay away from the inner aisles of the grocery store or the end of aisle sections.
  • Buy spices, beans, oats, or rice in bulk.
  • Cook more at home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Premake breakfast like overnight oats, egg bites, or smoothies on the go. Lunch can be wraps, sandwiches, salads, soups, or leftovers. Eating less out or on the go will save money and is healthier as well.
  • Batch cooking. Make meals or side items in large batches for leftovers or to throw in for meals.
  • Buy generic when you can. Believe me; it tastes as good as the name brand for a heck of a lot less price.
  • Cook up what you have already in your refrigerator. Try to challenge yourself using anything that is about to expire in your next meal. Have fun with the creativity. I usually have a day later in the week I call clean-out frig meals. Make me feel like I am on an episode of Chopped.
  • Cut out sodas and juices. Drink more water or make flavor waters.

Some great ideas of meals that can be budget-friendly are bowls (throw in any grain, protein, veggies, sauce, or seasoning), tacos or burritos, pasta dishes, soups or stews, stir fry, and casseroles. 

The bottom line, eating healthy on a budget is possible, and you do not have to sacrifice your taste buds either. There so many recipes and meals you can whip up that are budget-friendly. Try to slowly incorporate some of the helpful tips in your weekly routine and see what you think.

Need help with healthy recipes or meal planning? I can HELP! Email me or book a 15 min FREE Discovery call to find out how. 

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