Client Transformation

Client Transformation

For today’s Client Transformation, I want to brag about my mom. I started working with her in October 2019 after realizing that she could not get up by herself when she was on the floor. As a daughter, this worried me as I kept thinking, what if she had fallen and no one was around. Since I was starting my new career and venture, I decided right then and there that she would be my beta tester on workouts, program, and my wellness app. I figured it would be a win/win for both of us.

She hadn’t workout nor ever done strength training before. She had been on a few yo-yo diets in the past where she had lost weight, but she had lost a lot of muscle, making her arms softer than before, and gained weight in her midsection. Her upper body strength was very weak, and she also wanted to get healthier.

Over the last year, she has gone from not being able to get up off the floor by herself to now being able to get up all by herself quickly. She was unable to do tricep kickback with 3lbs, and now she does multiple sets with heavy weight, not to mention she can do 40-50 total tricep dips on a given day, & she can hold a 1 min plank. She can do a hollow hold, Russian twist, or any core exercise I throw at her like it is nothing. She has hit numerous of PRs. She has even lost inches where she has gone down a size, and now she complains the new size pants are loose. Who wouldn’t love to have that problem? Her arms that were flabby and loose are now tone and smaller. She has been like a little girl screaming & excited that she now can wear short sleeves again. She did all that without restrictive dieting, no low carb or macro counting, or crazy workouts.

She went from not working out to loving strength training, not to mention the energy and strength she has gained. Even before Covid, she didn’t feel comfortable in a gym setting, nor did she like having to work out at a particular time. She has loved not having to worry about going to the gym and enjoys working out whenever and wherever she wants at her convenience.

She is a true warrior and is an inspiration to us all. She is living proof that age is ONLY a Number. At 78, she has amazed me from where she started to the level she is at now makes me smile and proud. It only shows you that you can accomplish anything no matter your age, your fitness, or health level.

” About a year ago realized that I was out of shape, had flabby arms and an increased waistline and abdomen. I could not get off the floor without pulling myself up with a chair or sofa! I had tried losing weight several times and even gotten my weight down, but felt that I needed exercise at my age. Erin Wheless started working with me to help me build up my strength in my arms and legs. Over the course of the past year, she has slowly helped me build my strength so that now I can get off the floor by myself, my arms have become more toned, my legs are stronger and my waistline has slimmed down. She has slowly changed my life with exercises that I can now do online instead of going to the fitness center. She has a calming demeanor when I’m hard on myself yet has a way of encouraging me that makes me want to achieve more. Thank you Erin for helping me feel good and look better than I ever dreamed I would at my age! ” -B Moss

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